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Career Pathways — Agriculture
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                    The Academy for Sciences & Agriculture (AFSA K-12)

                                                    The  Greenhouse  Management  class   student growth activities such as agri-science   have  a  chance  to  truly  experience  being  an
                                                    takes over to finish seeding and trans-  fair, Career Development Events (CDE’s), and   entrepreneur.
                                                    plant flower plugs into larger pots.  Supervised  Agricultural  Experience  (SAE’s).   AFSA’s  K-12  program  combines  the
                                                       Stepping  into  the  greenhouse   As this year’s science fair season comes to a   importance  of  education,  community,  sciences
                                                    brings a sense of calm to the busy-  close  we  celebrate  the  multitude  of  students   and agriculture all in one. To learn more about
                                                    ness of the school day. Students take   whose  projects  have  progressed  beyond  the   AFSA K-12, our annual plant sale (May 9-11,
                                                    a  moment  to  connect  with  the  soil   region and state levels.  2024),  the  Potato  Hug  (October  5,  2024)  and
                                                    and take care of the young seedlings   Student’s  opportunities  are  continuously   other school events please check out our website
                                                    they  started  weeks  ago.  From  vari-  growing  and  evolving  and  don’t  stop  at  the
                                                    eties  of  tomatoes,  peppers,  melon,   classroom door. All grade levels are exposed to   The Academy for Sciences & Agriculture
                                                    cucumbers,  and  lettuce  to  herbs   a wide variety of content areas and unique expe-  (AFSA) was founded by the Minnesota Agricul-
                                                    including  thyme,  rosemary,  basil,   riences  within  hands-on  and  practical  learning   tural Education Leadership Council (MAELC)
                                                    and chamomile to flowers including   applications that go above and beyond a typical   in 2001. AFSA began as a 9th-12th grade high
                                                    marigolds,  dahlias,  begonias,  petu-  classroom setting. With our own buses available   school  with  41  students.  Currently  over  425
                                                    nias, and more. There is something   to us, students K-12 have ample field trip oppor-  students are enrolled, and the school will grow
                                                    for everyone.              tunities which extend classroom learning.  to about 600 students over the next three years.
                                                       As  the  high  school  students   Community is a big part of the AFSA K-12   AFSA’s locations, in Vadnais Heights and Little
                                                    work  in  the  greenhouse,  our  K-6   culture. The school emphasizes family involve-  Canada,  allow  inclusion  of  students  from  all
                                                    students create seed art, learn about   ment,  community  support,  and  partnerships   north/east Twin Cities areas. Currently students
                                                    seeds  and  the  plant  growth  process   with  agribusiness  and  educational  organiza-  from 19 different school districts attend AFSA.
                                                    from the ground up. Seeds planted by   tions.  Throughout  the  year  we  host  a  variety   AFSA K-12 prepares students to be wise
                                                    the younger grades will find their way   of events that open the door for our students to   consumers, savvy decision makers, and success-
                                                    to  the  high  school  giving  gardens.   grow  in  educational  and  social  opportunities.   ful, career-oriented lifelong learners. The unique
                                                    The  harvest  from  these  gardens  is   Two  large  events  that  help  us  connect  to  the   curriculum with hands-on and experiential learn-
        Stephanie Forliti, Marketing and            donated to the local food shelf.  community are our annual spring plant sale and   ing  drives  the  success  of  the  students  through
          Communications                       Not only are our plants blooming but our   the fall Potato Hug.     high school and beyond.
        Laura Wyatt, AFSA High School Ag Teacher  students are as well! Sciences and Agriculture   AFSA’s  FFA  Alumni  coordinates  the
            Things are blooming at AFSA K-12! Spring   are the foundation of everything at AFSA. Our   Annual  Potato  Hug  each  fall  providing  stu-
        brings  growth  in  many  forms.  Preparation  for   science  and  ag  roots  allow  us  to  have  close   dents  the  opportunity  to  sell  wares  that  they
        AFSA’s annual plant sale begins in January with   connections with the National FFA Organiza-  have  produced  during  their  Supervised Agri-
        Plant Science students sowing over 1,000 seeds.   tion.  FFA  provides  the  base  for  a  variety  of   cultural  Experience  (SAE)  projects.  Students

               N O R T H   D A K O TA   S TAT E   U N I V E R S I T Y

               HUNDREDS OF CAREERS,

               •  Hands-on learning  •  State-of-the-art facilities
               •  11 to 1 student-faculty ratio  •  Scholarships

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