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Career Pathways — Agriculture
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                         Capstone Chronicles: Keerti Tumu’s dive into Science Research & Design

                                            gression that prepares students for college or   Chemistry. But she didn’t stop there: Jayson   like  any  great  scientist,  Keerti  sees  room
                                            career pursuits in five career interest areas.  Sandeen, who teaches Science Research &   for improvement. “There are some things I
                                                Eden  Prairie  High  School  12th  grader   Design, shared that “Keerti is a student who   wish I could have changed, like making the
                                            Keerti  Tumu  is  a  speech  and  debate  team   is  very  interested  in  science  and  so  really   sample  size  bigger,”  she  says  —  and  “my
                                            captain,  the  vice  president  of  community   wanted to take all the different courses that   findings  aren’t  necessarily  applicable  for
                                            service for DECA, a proud member of the   are  offered.”  She  was  prepared  academi-  everyone, because I only tested one plant.”
                                            EPHS Asian Student Union, and a passion-  cally,  and  her  curiosity  and  determination   Recognizing a margin of error doesn’t keep
                                            ate  lover  of  the  natural  sciences.  Keerti   helped too: “She demonstrated a willingness   her from celebrating the wins, including an
                                            credits  her  family’s  frequent  trips  to  India   to learn the process needed to do this and to   unlikely  secret  weapon:  While  many  more
                                            for  inspiring  her  love  of  biology,  because   come up with an experiment with the right   traditional  science  classes  proved  relevant
                                            “there’s  so  much  nature  everywhere  and   kind of protocols,” said Sandeen.  to  her  Capstone  experience,  Keerti’s  AP
                                            the environment is very green…I think I’ve                             Statistics class this year taught her about the
                                            always loved that kind of atmosphere, and so   Student-led research: Investigating   important  correlation  between  sample  size
                                            I’ve just always loved biology.” When she  environmentally friendly pesticides   and  statistical  significance.  Knowing  what
                                            needed to fill a gap in her course schedule   and herbicides           she knows now, Keerti advises students who
                                            last spring and her AP Biology teacher rec-                            plan to take the Science Research & Design
                                            ommended the Science Research & Design   Considering her love of nature, it’s no   Capstone  to  take  a  Statistics  class  before-
                                            Capstone, Keerti jumped at the opportunity.   surprise that Keerti’s research was focused   hand to be even better prepared.
                                            She “wanted to have the experience of con-  on  helping  the  environment.  She  designed
                                            ducting [her] own experiment, seeing how it   an  experiment  to  investigate  environmen-  Tools for the journey
                                                                                                                       The  Science  Research  &  Design  Cap-
                                            looks over a long period of time, and making   tally friendly alternatives to herbicides and   stone is intended to equip students with the
                                                                                pesticides, because “obviously it impacts the
                                            [her] own conclusions.”
                                                                                environment, but it can also impact us.”
        Eden Prairie Schools
                                                                                                                   skills  to  perform  rigorous  scientific  study,
                                                                                   For  the  experiment,  Keerti  separated
                                            Planting the seeds for success
                                                                                                                   including  the  identification  of  a  problem,
            In  Eden  Prairie  Schools,  we  inspire
                                                                                30 plants into three groups and tested each
                                                Before taking the Science Research &
        each student every day to discover, explore,
                                                                                                                   investigation  design,  data  collection,  data
                                                                                with  a  homemade  herbicide:  a  table  salt,
        and pursue their passions. That mission lies
                                            Design Capstone, Keerti had already planted
                                                                                vinegar,  or  citric  acid  solution.  Interest-
        at the heart of our Pathways program, which
                                            the seeds for success by taking foundational
                                                                                                                                Continued on Page 24
                                                                                ingly, the vinegar solution worked best but
                                            science  courses  like  AP  Biology  and  AP
        offers a guided course and cocurricular pro-
               FARMTFARM                                            ® OFORKTOFORK
     Department of Agriculture, Culinology & Hospitality Management
                Department of Agriculture, Culinology & Hospitality Management
                Department of Agriculture, Culinology & Hospitality Management
               Department of Agriculture, Culinology & Hospitality ManagementDepartment of Agriculture, Culinology & Hospitality Management @SMSU@SMSU
                                                                                      Learn about our many ag-related
                                                                                Learn about our many ag-related Learn about our many ag-related
                                                                                      programs — contact us for information
                                                                                programs – contact us for information!programs – contact us for information!
                                                                                      √ Agricultural Education, BS
                                                                                 √  Agricultural Education, BS Agricultural Education, BS
                                                                                      √ Agricultural Solutions, BS
                                                                                 √  Agricultural Solutions, BS Agricultural Solutions, BS
                                                                                      √ Agronomy, BS
                                                                                 √  Agronomy, BSAgronomy, BS
                                                                                      √ Agribusiness Mgmt., BS/AS
                                                                                 √  Agribusiness Mgmt., BS/ASAgribusiness Mgmt., BS/AS
                                                                                      √ Agriculture, BAS
                                                                                 √  Agriculture, BASAgriculture, BAS
                                                   Contact Kristin Kovar, Contact Kristin Kovar,   √ Ag Comm. & Leadership, BS
                                                   Associate Professor of Associate Professor of   √ Ag Comm. & Leadership, BSAg Comm. & Leadership, BS
                                                                                      √ Culinology , BS
                                                   Agricultural Education at Agricultural Education at
                                          with with   Culinology , BS , BS
            OFFICE OF ADMISSIONOFFICE OF ADMISSION                                    √ Hospitality Mgmt., BS
            1501 STATE STREET, MARSHALL, MN 562581501 STATE STREET, MARSHALL, MN 56258 any questions or to request any questions or to request
            800.642.0684 • WWW.SMSU.EDU800.642.0684 • WWW.SMSU.EDU  information. Learn more at information. Learn more at  √ Hospitality Mgmt., BSHospitality Mgmt., BS
                                           √ New — Animal Science Minor
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