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        SDSU CIM Student Focus: Anthony “Tony” Valland

        Anticipated Graduation Date: Spring 2026

                                            decision,  joining  the  CIM  program,  thanks   and  sales.  This  summer
                                            to  a  little  bit  of  recruiting  from  another   I’ll  be  taking  an  experi-
                                            CIM student as well as our program direc-  ential  work  role  at  Knife
                                            tor, Tim Hostettler, was a decision I’ve been   River in Sioux Falls, focus-
                                            extremely happy with ever since. Now, just   ing on the sales aspects of
                                            halfway  through  my  CIM  program,  I’ve   the  industry.  During  this
                                            become more comfortable with change and   time,  I’ll  hone-in  more  on
                                            better  understand  what  is  expected  in  this   what I want to pursue as a
                                            large  industry  and  in  real-world  business   career  while  doing  every-
                                            too.                                thing  I  can  to  continue  to
                                               The  CIM  program  has  been  a  great   learn  what  my  mentors  at
                                            opportunity to pursue my interests in busi-  Knife River will teach. I’m
                                            ness,  construction,  marketing,  project   excited to be able to apply
                                            management, and this degree will make me   the knowledge I’ve gained
                                            unique  when  I  graduate.  I’m  not  worried   in  my  classes,  labs,  and
                                            about my long-term income, security, or my   prior  real-world  industry
                                            happiness. CIM is so niche, and the curricu-  work experience too.
                                            lum is so balanced, it’s a great chance to also   The  SDSU  CIM  program  supporters   work  experiences  and  future  career  paths.
                                            have as much fun as you can while you’re   made  up  of  industry  leadership,  our  North   All the CIM students at SDSU are extremely
                                            in college. I lucked out, learning about this   Central  Region  Patrons  Group,  not  only   grateful for their investment and belief in us
            Leaving  home  to  attend  a  college   great industry and the wide variety of career   donate  dollars  to  ensure  there  are  scholar-  — We know our low-to-no debt 4-year CIM
        program  where  I’d  be  learning  something   options  available.  As  a  CIM  graduate,  I   ships  to  help  reduce  tuition  costs,  but  also   degree  is  practical  and  enjoyable  largely
        I  had  such  little  prior  knowledge  of  was  a   know I won’t go unnoticed because of my   make an intentional effort to build relation-  because of them.
        challenge.  I  quickly  realized  I  had  to  get   unique education, expertise, hands on expe-  ships with us CIM students. We are fortunate
        comfortable  with  being  uncomfortable  and   rience, and executive connections I’ve been   to have the opportunity to interact with these
        soak up as much as I could along the way.   able to establish while in school.  owners  and  executives  at  our  networking
            I chose SDSU because I knew I would   I have been fortunate enough to observe   events,  conferences,  luncheons,  and  at  our
        be able to grow there academically as well   the diverse aspects of the industry including   annual CIM golf tournament. This is where
        as  socially.  Though  a  bit  of  a  last-minute   aggregates,  plant  operation,  quality  control,   the  real  connections  are  made  for  summer

        2024 Youth Skills Training Grant Recipients

                                                                                Cambridge-Isanti Public School District   Perham Schools
                                                                                Detroit Lakes Public Schools       ROCORI School District
                                                                                Fergus Falls High School           Staples-Motley School District

                                                                                Great River School (St. Paul)          Grants can be used to create programs,
                                                                         recruit  students  and  employers,  provide
                                                                                                                   training,  transport  students  and  pay  for
                                                                                Hennepin West Consortium           industry-related  student  certif cations.  An
                                                                                Hermantown Community Schools       eighth round of grant applications will open
            Seventeen  partnerships  across  Min-  ful  work  experiences  in  their  community,”  in winter 2024.
                                                                                                                       For more information about Youth Skills
        nesota will receive funding to develop and   said Nicole Blissenbach, DLI commissioner.   Itasca Area Schools Collaborative   Training  contact  Rich  Wessels,  program
        expand programs to offer meaningful career   “Thank you to everyone who has supported  manager, at 651-284-5184 or rich.wessels@
        exposure and paid work experience for stu-  this program.”                                       ; Jo Daggett, program consultant,
        dents 16 years of age and older.        YST grants will be awarded to the fol-  Minneapolis Public Schools – Camden   at 651-284-5354 or;
            The  grants  are  part  of  the  Minnesota   lowing 17 partnerships, which will receive   High         or  Faye  Blough,  program  specialist,  at
        Department  of  Labor  and  Industry’s  (DLI)   and split $1.5 million in funding to be used  651-284-5341  or;
        Youth  Skills  Training  (YST)  program  that   for  programs  operating  from  July  1,  2024,   Minneapolis Public Schools – Wellstone   Learn more online at
        was signed into law in 2017 with bipartisan   to  June  30,  2026.  The  partnerships  will   International High School
        support  to  create  and  provide  employment   offer  safe,  meaningful  work  experience
        training  for  student  learners  ages  16  and   in  advanced  manufacturing,  agriculture,
        older in high-growth, high-demand occupa-  automotive,  health  care  and  information   Moorhead Public Schools
        tions.                              technology.               
            “These  Youth  Skills  Training  partner-  Albert Lea Area Schools  New Prague Area Schools
        ship  grants  will  help  high  school  students
        throughout  Minnesota  f nd  pathways  to
        high-growth, high-demand occupations and   Bemidji Career Academies     Parkers Prairie School District
        allow them to participate in safe, meaning-
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