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Career Pathways — Agriculture
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                     OHA Garden Club Grows Friendship and Passion for Gardening

                                                                               the  school. The  Club  is  open  to  all  students   The  Club’s  recent  initiative  has  been
                                                                               and  activities  are  during  the  school  day  to   reseeding  the  prairie  behind  OHA.  In  2023,
                                                                               ensure all students can participate. The Club   the  Club  received  a  grant  from  the  Minne-
                                                                               was  originally  started  by  Amy  Finden  with   sota Department of Natural Resources and the
                                                                               support  from  other  special  education  teach-  Washington Conservation District to conduct
                                                                               ers so that “everyone can find success in the   a planned burn. A field burn rejuvenates and
                                                                               garden.” Ms. Finden shared, “Being a part of a   enhances  native  plant  communities,  reduces
                                                                               garden club during the school day is a wonder-  invasive  species,  and  improves  wildlife
                                                                               ful way to get General and Special Education   habitat.  This  spring,  the  students  will  work
                                                                               students working together. This benefits both   together to overseed and plant seed plugs in
                                                                               groups and ensures access and equity for all of   the space, adding a variety of species to the
                                                                               our learners!”                      area  that  will  bloom  while  students  are  in
                                                                                   The  OHA  Garden  Club’s  work  has   school.
                                                                               included planting the gardens in front of the   This  incredible  group  encourages  indi-
                                                                               schools  and  increasing  plant  differentiation.   vidual growth, cultivates an inclusive learning
                                                                               The  students  are  collaboratively  responsible   environment for students, and allows friend-
                                                                               for  the  digging,  planting,  and  mulch  laying;   ships to bloom.
        Caroline Burge                      around  O.H.  Anderson  (OHA)  Elementary   the result of their efforts and devotion to the
        Class of 2024 student at Mahtomedi High   School.  The  curators  of  this  beautiful  space   beautification  of  the  community  is  a  bright
        School and Mahtomedi Public Schools   are students in the OHA Garden Club, led by   and lively space for all to enjoy. The Club also
        Communications Intern               special education teacher Amy Finden.  allows interested teachers to lead projects with
           As spring approaches, we will soon see   For four years, the OHA Garden Club has   financial  support  from  grants  that  the  OHA
        flowers  and  plants  emerge  from  the  ground   brought students together to build friendships,   Garden Club has received.
                                            grow their passion for gardening, and beautify

        Martin County West Ag Education —                                       Keerti Tumu’s Dive into Science

        CTE in Action Continued from Page 20                                    Research & Design Continued from Page 23

        intro  to  these  trades                                                analysis, and drawing conclusions. In addi-  it!’ Show off that you participated in a
        prior to furthering their                                               tion to building those skills, one of Keerti’s   Pathway, because if I had more time,
        education  at  a  trades                                                favorite aspects of her Capstone experience   I would have definitely done the same
        school  in  any  of  those                                              was the freedom to conduct her own research   thing!”
        pathways.                                                               on  a  topic  she  is  passionate  about. As  she      — Keerti Tumu
            There  are  two                                                     explained, “[the Capstone] really gives you
        new  classes  that  have                                                the opportunity to explore what you want to   “I’d say that you have to have a
        proven  to  be  very                                                    do in your future with more freedom. Obvi-  passion for something. You have to be
        popular.    MCW  offers                                                 ously it was really fun for me to take AP Bio   able to pick something up and refine
        a   diesel   technician                                                 and  Chem,  but  [the  Capstone]  allowed  me   it and then really dig and do a lot of
        style  course  called  Ag                                               to actually do it myself, so I think that’s a   background reading to figure out what
        Equipment   Mainte-                                                     very fun part of taking Capstones.” Now that   it is you’re trying to answer exactly,
        nance  and Technology,                                                  she’s  had  a  chance  to  dig  into  “the  details   because it’s not going to be a repeat
        where  over  the  course                                                and technicality that it takes to actually have   of  what’s  ever  been  done  before  by
        of a year students learn                                                an  experiment  run,”  Keerti  is  better  pre-  anybody. It’s going to be an extension
        about  the  electrical,                                                 pared for the research she plans to conduct   of that.”
        hydraulic,  drive  train,                                               in college!                                      — Mr. Jayson Sandeen
        and diesel systems found in ag, construction,   tion. Through this course, students have the   Advice  for  students  considering  the
        and  transportation  equipment.  This  class   opportunity  to  learn  geometry  alongside   Science Research & Design Capstone
        has  been  made  possible  by  the  partnership   construction where they are given practical,   “If an underclassman is looking
        with  local  businesses  such  as  Ziegler  CAT,   real-life applications to the math that they are   into [pursuing] a Pathway, I’d say go
        Miller Sellner, and No BS Performance and   learning. Students get a construction credit in   for it! If I had this opportunity sooner
        is designed to prepare students to potentially   addition to the full year of geometry credit   in my high school career, I probably
        enter  the  workforce  as  a  diesel  technician   and build garden sheds for the community.   would  have  intensively  pursued  a
        right after high school.                                                  Pathway, because it does make a dif-
            Lastly,  MCW  offers  a  construc-                                    ference on your college application; it
        tion  course  that  is  paired  up  with  the  math  shows colleges that you have a [focus]
        department  called  Geometry  in  Construc-                               and so I would say ‘definitely go for

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