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               Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) offers a range of standard-based lessons for
               students in grades K-12. These lessons use agriculture as context for science, social studies
               and nutrition education. Resources and professional development are offered for K-12
               teachers, pre-service teachers, ag producers, and community volunteers.

               For over 30 years, the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council and
               the soy checkoff have supported MAITC’s efforts to educate today’s youth
               on how agriculture impacts all our lives.

               MAITC’s mission to increase agricultural literacy is just one free
               click away.

               Learn more at

                                                                                         MAITC’s standard-based lessons:

                                                                                         • K-12

                                                                                         • Pre-made lesson plans

                                                                                         • Easy to access

                                                                                         • Companion resources

                                                               Continued education:

                                                               •  Virtual or in-person

                                                               •  Customized

                                                               •  Agricultural examples for
                                                                  curriculum implementation

                                                               •  Ag focused activities
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