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Auto Tech
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                          Paving a Road to Success

                                                                                autonomous  vehicle,  who  were  on-hand  to
                                                                                answer  questions  and  provide  examples  of
                                                                                other projects in the works. The experience
                                                                                was shared out in a weekly update video and
                                                                                can be enjoyed at
                                                                                   Allowing  students  the  opportunity  to
                                                                                have  conversations  and  make  connections
                                                                                with  those  in  the  automotive  industry  has
                                                                                been an important part of our program design.
                                                                                Another pivotal element has been to provide
                                                                                students the opportunity to explore continuing
                                                                                education options and meet with local profes-
                                                                                sionals. More than 30 students recently spent   ences,  alumni  support  and  career  pathway
                                                                                the day touring a local college and a full-ser-  coaching,  opportunities  for  workshops
                                                                                vice automotive repair business. During the   and  special  programs,  and  the  opportunity
                                                                                tours,  students  were  able  to  survey  courses   to  earn  industry-recognized  credentials.
                                                                                and programs available to them if they chose   Outside  of  the  classroom,  students  have
                                                                                a career in the transportation industry and see   access to internships, job placement and job
                                                                                the operation of a locally owned repair facil-  shadow  opportunities,  and  trades  ambassa-
                                                                                ity. This day was a huge success for White   dor programs.
        Derek Doescher                      the Department of Labor and Industry, intro-  Bear  Lake’s  Automotive  Program  and  the   White Bear Lake Area Schools is able to
        Automotive/ Powersports Instructor  duced  students  to  the  industry  and  allowed   automotive  industry. At  the  end  of  the  day,   provide these high quality transportation edu-
        White Bear Lake Area High School    them a glimpse into career options they might   one student walked up to Mr. Doescher and   cation opportunities to students in partnership
            The  2022-23  school  year  has  provided   not have considered. The special event was   told him, “I ‘hate’ you Mr. Doescher. I, now,   with local industry partners and the Minne-
                                                                                want  to  go  on  to  additional  schooling  after
        White  Bear  Lake  Area  Schools  students  a   covered in a weekly video update produced   high school again.”  sota Department of Labor and Industry.
        variety of opportunities to engage and connect   by the district and can be found at https://bit.  The  White  Bear  Lake  Area  Schools
        with professionals in the transportation indus-  ly/3iZIiz9.            Automotive  Career  Pathway,  one  of  seven
        try.  Through  hands-on  learning  experiences   At  the  high  school  level,  our  students   Pathway  programs  offered  by  the  district,
        both in and out of the classroom, our students   were  some  of  the  first  in  the  state  to  study   provides  students  with  knowledge  gained
        are seeing real world career options as they   autonomous vehicles as part of their curricu-  through  coursework  and  hands-on  experi-
        plan for their futures.             lum. One class activity included an exclusive
            Inspiring   tomorrow’s   technicians,   look  at  Bear  Tracks,  a  low-speed,  driver-
        mechanics  and  engineers  can  begin  at  any   less, electric, multi-passenger shuttle that is
        grade  level. The  District’s  Career  Pathways   a pilot project of the Minnesota Department
        Transportation  program  and  Automotive   of Transportation and multiple partners. The
        Instructor  Derek  Doescher  hosted  the  first   vehicle,  the  second  of  three  planned  con-
        Transportation  Career  Day  for  middle   nected and automated vehicle demonstration
        schoolers.  More  than  150  eighth  graders   projects coordinated by MnDOT and the first
        participated  in  hands-on  activities  with  vis-  in the Twin Cities metro area, drove students
        iting local automotive industry partners and   through the schools’ parking lot. The students
        with the Minnesota Transportation Center of   witnessed firsthand the technology involved
        Excellence’s  educational  trailer.  The  event,   in the project and learned about the teamwork   Did you know: Concrete is the second most widely-used material on
        which was a part of the Youth Service Train-  that went into creating the shuttle from rep-  the planet. Aggregates are found in practically every building and struc-
        ing (YST) grant that the district received from   resentatives  of  the  companies  that  built  the   ture. These materials are literally the building blocks of our society.

                                                                                 There’s no better foundation for your future.

                                                                                 Considering a career in concrete? ARM of Minnesota can help!
                                                                                 We provide scholarships for stu-
                                                                                 dents in the following disciplines   ARM of Minnesota is the local
                                                                                 at Minnesota universities:           sponsoring  group  for  ACI
                                                                                                                      (American  Concrete  Institute)
                                                                                  Construction Management
                                                                                                                      certification programs. See our
                                                                                  Civil Engineering                  website below for certification
                                                                                  Geology                            classes and dates.

                                                                                                   Looking for a career with immediate employment
                                                                                                   and  a  low-cost  4-year  degree?  ARM  of  MN  is  a
                                                                                                   founding  member  and  sponsor  of  the  Concrete
                                                                                                   Industry  Management  (CIM)  program  at  South
                                                                                                   Dakota State University.

                                                                                     Learn more at: | (952) 707-1250
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