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                    Pathways Program Connects Students With Jobs

                                                       How did you end up with a   oil  changes  as  that’s
                                                       part-time job at HT?     what I’m good at. But
                                                                                I help with any work
                                                       Julian: At the beginning of   that needs done. I’ve
                                                       the year, I saw a presentation   learned  a  lot  within
                                                       at the senior meeting where   the  actual  physical
                                                       they talked about [Career and   side of job itself, but
                                                       College]  Pathways,  about   I’ve also learned that
                                                       how to get involved and who   watching  and  asking
                                                       to talk to about finding a job.   for help is important.
                                                       I set up a meeting with Mr.   These guys have a lot
                                                       Van Brocklin, and he talked   of experience and can
                                                       to  me  about  what  kind  of   help me when I make
                                                       work  I  was  interested  in.   a  mistake  or  am  not
                                                       After learning I want to be a   sure what I’m doing.
                                                       mechanic  someday,  he  told                                to  Construction  courses  next.  Pathways
                                                       me about HT and we walked   What do you enjoy most about this work?   courses have allowed me to explore multi-
                                                       over  together.  That’s  how  I   Are there any challenges?  ple career areas and see if I like that area or
                                                       got the job.
                                                                                Julian:  I  enjoy  the  inspection  part  of  the   not which has been helpful. Mr. Van Brock-
                                                       Trevon: I was looking for a   work  the  most.  I  also  like  the  flexibility   lin has definitely guided me. He gave me the
                                                       new job so I talked with Mr.   that  I  get  through  this  job.  I  have  basket-  run down on available jobs, internships and
                                                       Van Brocklin and he told me   ball and other things that pop up throughout   career  and  trade  school  opportunities.  He
                                                       about HT after hearing about   the week and they work with me to find a   made the process of talking with him and
                                                       the  kind  of  work  I  wanted   schedule that works. I really didn’t have a   getting this job very easy. If I didn’t go to
                                                       to do. I love cars and fixing   lot of experience with fixing cars before so   him, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career
                                                       things up so this was a good   learning  something  brand  new  on  the  job   path. I encourage any student who isn’t sure
                                                       fit for me.              and figuring out where everything is at the   what they want to do or aren’t sure how to
                                                                                shop  has  been  a  challenge  sometimes  but   get to where they want to go to talk to him.
        Spring Lake Park High School                                            I’m a hands-on leaner so this environment
            Julian Christensen and Trevon Holeman                               has been good for me.              Trevon:  I  took  Tech  Ed  and  Woodwork-
        started their senior year unsure how to get a                                                              ing courses in middle school and then am
        job  and  gain  experience  within  the  career                         Trevon: I also like the flexibility of my work   also going to take the How to Make Almost
        path they want to pursue after graduation —                             schedule. The people I work with there are   Anything and Introduction to Construction
        mechanics.  After  understanding  and  taking                           nice, too. It’s a good working environment.   courses this year. I know, for the most part,
        advantage of the resources available to them                            They are always willing to listen, help and   what I want to do after high school so these
        through  the  Spring  Lake  Park  High  School                          answer  any  questions  I  have.  The  biggest   courses will help me prepare for that kind
        Career and College office, both students now                            challenge is learning all the machines on the   of work. Mr. Van Brocklin has helped me as
        have  a  part-time  job  at  an  auto  repair  shop                     job, but I also think it’s fun at the same time.  well as my math teacher who always helps
        (HT) across the street from the high school.                                                               me  figure  things  out  when  I  can’t  figure
            Through this part-time job, as well as                                                                 them out on my own.
        classes they are taking in their high school,
        Julian  and  Trevon  are  gaining  real-world,                                                             What are your plans after high school?
        hands-on experience that is setting them up                                                                Julian: I plan to go to trade school and then
        for success once they graduate next spring.  What type of work do you do at HT? How                        hope to be a mechanic someday.
            We  (Spring  Lake  Park  High  School)   do you think it will help prepare you for
        asked a few questions to learn more about   your future?                                                   Trevon: I either plan to go to a trade school
        their experiences and plans for the future.                                                                to be a mechanic or maybe go to a 4-year
                                            Julian: I help with inspections, tire replace-                         school  and  study  sports  management.  I’m
                                            ments  and  rotations  and  oil  changes.  I                           still deciding.
                                            basically help with anything that the other
                                                              employees    ask
                                                              me  to  do.  Learn-                          
                                                              ing about all of the
                                                              tools  and  equip-
                                                              ment   has   been   What  Pathways  courses  have  you  taken
                                                              good. Also learning   or will you take this year? How did they
                                                              about  what  not  to   prepare you for this job and your future?
                                                              do  or  the  mistakes   Are  there  certain  classes  or  teachers/
                                                              to  avoid  has  been   mentors  in  particular  that  guided  you
                                                              helpful. I know the   along the way?
                                                              work  I  am  doing   Julian: I have taken Introduction to Engi-
                                                              now at HT will help
                                                              me in trade school.  neering  and AP  Computer  Science  so  far,
                                                                                and  then  I  am  going  to  take  the  How  to
                                                              Trevon: I mostly do   Make  Almost  Anything  and  Introduction
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