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Auto Tech
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                      Binding Education to Vocation at Osseo High School

                                                                                shop.                                  solvent parts washer, torch set, welders,
                                                                                   The Auto program has two classrooms:   battery care center with multiple char-
                                                                                The  shop  with  all  the  equipment,  and  the   gers,  charging  system  tester  vat  60,
                                                                                showroom as I like to call it. It contains five   12+ toolboxes of hand tools, electronic
                                                                                vehicles donated by local dealerships along   testers,  soldering  irons,  tubing  flaring
                                                                                with a classroom. The room was converted   tools and benders, and specialty tools
                                                                                from  the  old  weight  room  and  has  mirrors   too numerous to list.
                                                                                on  three  walls  in  the  back  by  the  vehicles   Students completing the ASE Task list
                                                                                and the floor has a rubber coating. The two   for MLR certification is the primary focus.
                                                                                rooms were recently connected by a garage   This  does  include  both  extensive  safety
                                                                                door  which  makes  it  more  manageable  by   training  and  personal  standards  and  work
                                                                                one teacher.                       habits. For example: brakes in MLR had 29
                                                                                   The shop area of the program is primar-  tasks to be completed from researching the
                                                                                ily  an  Automotive  Maintenance  and  Light   fluid type and any service bulletins, testing
                                                                                Repair Shop.                       brake  fluid  for  contamination,  bleeding  or
                                                                                   Some of the features include:   flushing the brake system, refreshing a rotor
                                                                                  •  Full ventilation              off  vehicle,  measuring  the  thickness  and
                                                                                  •  Drains  that  work  with  eco-friendly   comparing  it  with  specifications,  to  even
                                                                                    wastewater  collection  that  is  emptied   checking the vacuum assist. Those 29 tasks
        ISD 279 — Osseo Area Schools        Dennis Huberty:                         yearly.                        are but 1 page of 14 contained in the ASE
            Although  the  Auto  Program  at  Osseo   The administration has been very sup-  •  There is a service for the chemicals and   task list.
        High  School  has  been  in  existence  for   portive and helpful, especially Mr Godfrey,   the drain oil is stored underground in a   Brakes are one of the four focuses in the
        decades, Dennis Huberty is in the middle of   our  CTE  coordinator,  and  Ms.  Vernig,  our   500-gallon tank.  MLR program.
        his first year at the school.       principal,  and  her  staff.  Ms. Vernig  shared   •  Two  in-ground  hydraulic  lifts  and  an   Although articulation credits available,
            One  of  the  former  teachers  completed   her vision of having a program where stu-  alignment rack which serves as a lift at   the real certification is the MLR name under
        the  ASE  certification  program  for  MLR   dents could get the training they need to step   times.       the ASE badge the students would wear on
        (maintenance  and  light  repair  technician).   into the workforce right out of high school.   •  Hunter  equipment,  including  a  tire   their shoulder after completing the two-year,
        He met the 12 ASE standards, was accred-  I  have  been  running  hard  after  that  goal   changer,  wheel  balancer,  brake  lathe,   540-hour program.
        ited himself, had all the required tools, and   ever since. I have also been encouraged by   and front-end alignment with a rack.  We have an ever growing and incredible
        went through the two-day inspection by ASE.   the custodial staff as I moved and changed   •  A hydraulic press, grinders, drill press,
        Dennis is currently repeating that path.  the classroom/shop space into an ASE level                                    Continued on Page 16
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