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                      Outstanding New Educator of the Year

                                                                                small engines program. As soon as he saw   Transportation Center for Success. Joining
                                                                                the position open, Clancy applied.  the classroom has been a rewarding experi-
                                                                                   He took his experience and passion for   ence. “I had a quiet student that didn’t talk
                                                                                working  on  planes  into  the  classroom.  In   much in class. After he graduated this year,
                                                                                his aviation class, Clancy divides the time   he emailed me,” Clancy says. In the email,
                                                                                between  lectures  and  hands-on  projects.   the  student  thanked  him  for  an  awesome
                                                                                “We have flight simulators, so the kids can   class  and  let  him  know  he  was  his  favor-
                                                                                get an idea of what                                   ite   teacher.   “It
                                                                                it’s  like  to  control                               meant  a  lot  to  me
                                                                                an aircraft and how   “I  started  school  to  become  a   that  the  student
                                                                                it  works,”  Clancy                                   reached  out.  It’s
                                                                                says. “It’s one thing   science  teacher,  but  I  enjoyed   special to have that
                                                                                for  me  to  tell  them   working  with  my  hands,  .  .  .  My   kind  of  impact  on
                                                                                how  a  wing  creates   dad is an aircraft mechanic, so I   that  student’s  life,
                                                                                lift,  but  if  they  get   wanted to follow in his footsteps.”  regardless  of  if
                                                                                into  the  simulator                                  they  go  into  avia-
                                                                                they can experience                                   tion.”
                                                                                what I teach.”                                            Aviation   is
                                                                                   He  also  brings  practical  advice  that   one of the programs of study at the newly
                                                                                students can take home, even if they don’t   opened  Moorhead  High  School  Career
        Moorhead Area Public Schools           Although Clancy worked in the private   work in the industry. In his small engines   Academy. This building is a new, innovative
            From  restoring  World  War  II  planes  to   industry for over ten years, he considered   class  he  teaches  everyday  maintenance   program that provides students with applied
        shaping students’ minds, second-year teacher   going  into  education  during  college.  “I   of  lawn  mowers  and  snow  blowers.  “By   learning  experiences  that  readies  them  for
        John Clancy is enjoying the transition to the   started school to become a science teacher,   teaching  these  useful  life  skills,  students   career and/or college.
        classroom. Last year, Clancy joined Moorhead   but I enjoyed working with my hands,” he   will have the basic knowledge to fix things
        Area Public Schools as the aviation and small   said. “My dad is an aircraft mechanic, so I   themselves, sometimes saving hundreds of
        engines  teacher  at  Moorhead  High  School   wanted to follow in his footsteps.”  dollars.”          
        Career Academy. Before joining the education   Clancy’s best friend since first grade,   Clancy’s  passion  for  his  craft  and
        field, he worked on planes. His work ranged   who  works  at  the  Moorhead  High  School   excitement for his new position led him to
        from  World  War  II  corsairs  to  training  air   Career Academy, mentioned there might be   be named the 2022 Outstanding New Edu-
        crafts to business jets.            a teaching job opening in the aviation and   cator  of  the  Year  by  the  Minnesota  State

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