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                   The Carpentry Program at STEP High School

                                                     dents from all five high schools in
                                                     the Anoka Hennepin School Dis-                                          Current House
                                                     trict to attend this class.
                                                        Each  year,  the  process  is                                      Build Description
                                                     started  with  the  students  giving                                Built  by  STEP  High  School  in
                                                     input  on  what  the  house  should                             Anoka,  MN.  This  is  a  3  bedroom,  1.75
                                                     look  like.  The  footprint  size  and                          bath includes: 18" free span floor trusses,
                                                     the  number  of  exterior  windows                              4/12  pitch  roof,  vaulted  living  room,
                                                     and doors are the same each year,                               kitchen  and  dining  room.  Exterior:
                                                     but  the  finishing  touches  usually                           Owens  Corning  estate  gray  architectural
                                                     change with the current trends and                              shingles,  tubular  skylight  in  each  bath-
                                                     interior walls are adjusted to fit the                          room, Jeldwen vinyl casement windows,
                                                     class’s  vision.  It’s  important  for                          Concord “harbor bay” vinyl siding, vinyl
                                                     the students to have ownership in                               soffit and fascia. Interior: Mission 3 panel
                                                     the house. The class is about real-                             interior doors, Cardell cabinetry featuring
                                                     world experience.                                               soft close hinges and drawer slides, under
                                                        Students start in the first tri-                             cabinet  lighting,  Calacatta  marble  lami-
                                                     mester  of  each  year  framing  the                            nate countertops, Life Proof luxury vinyl
                                                     floor,  exterior  walls,  roof,  shin-                          plank  flooring,  oil  rubbed  bronze  hard-
                                                     gles, house wrap and installing the                             ware. If you have any questions regarding
                                                     exterior doors and windows. In tri-                             the house, please contact by email: Purch-
                                                     mester two, they finish framing the
                                                     interior walls, rough-in electrical,
                                                     insulate the walls, install the vapor
                                                     barrier and hang the drywall. The
                                                     rough  in  plumbing  is  done  by  a
                                                     local  plumbing  company.  Over
            What started out as a home improvement   Spring  break,  Advanced  Drywall  comes  in
        class in 1992 grew into the Carpentry program   to tape, mud and finish the drywall. Trimes-
        at Blaine High School. In 1992–93, they built   ter three starts with painting, hanging interior
        fences and finished bedrooms for people in the   doors, installing cabinets, interior trim, floor-
        community. The class was a success, but it was   ing, finish electrical and plumbing, and siding
        that felt students were not getting the complete   the exterior. The house is “turn-key” when the
        experience of building a house so in the fall of   year ends.
        1996 the class started to build it’s first house.   Students  will  swing  the  hammer  and
        The house was built right behind the school   use  the  nail  guns.  The  power  tools  used  by
        with the buyer to move the house to their loca-  the  classes  have  gone  from  plug  in  style  to
        tion. The first house was a 24' × 48', 3 bedroom   cordless. There have been some great advance-
        rambler that changed into a 24' × 48' with a   ments in tools over the years. There have been
        2 car attached garage. The program partnered   many changes in how a house is constructed as
        with the Anoka Community Action Program to   well. Improvements in materials and installa-
        provide affordable housing for 3 years. When   tion/construction practices have gotten better
        their vision changed, the classes began build-  with time. Each year, once the cost has been
        ing a 26' × 52', 3 bedroom rambler.  determined,  the  house  is  placed  for  public
            The program was moved to STEP High   auction with a minimum bid and the highest
        School  in  2019.  This  move  allowed  all  stu-  bidder gets the house!
                                                      Student Quote
                                                         Some of my best high school
                                                      memories were made in carpentry
                                                      class.  One  of  my  biggest  take-
                                                      aways was “The attitude that you
                                                      bring to the house is the quality
                                                      of work you will produce”. Our
                                                      teacher  always  said  “never  say
                                                      it’s good enough” which is some-
                                                      thing I will take to all aspects of
                                                      life. I learned how to layout walls
                                                      and trusses, sheet and shingle a
                                                      roof,  set  windows,  drywall  and
                                                      mud, the list could go on and on.
                                                      I learned more than I could ever
                                                      fit  into  a  paragraph  and  I  am
                                                      thankful  for  the  class  and  all  it
                                                      has to offer.
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