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                         Project-Based Learning Leads the Way

                                                               South  career  and   replicas of the shed.          company says, “We have had a fantastic part-
                                                               tech  ed  teacher   Eighth  grader  Yaitza  Arroyo-Ruiz  at   nership with the junior high instructors over
                                                               Tom Dahl. “While   South grew up helping her dad build things, so   the years in being able to provide them with
                                                               the  focus  is  on   the class brings back good memories for her.  the materials to build small sheds and play-
                                                               safety  and  mate-  “He  used  to  build  things  for  construc-  houses  with  the  students.  We  all  know  that
                                                               rials   fabrication,   tion,” explains Arroyo-Ruiz, “so I would help   the earlier we can expose kids to the trades,
                                                               students   [also]   him build certain stuff.”       the more likely they are to have interest in the
                                                               learn   techniques   “Students that find enjoyment in working   field. We are blessed to be able to give back to
                                                               of  measurement,   with their hands often elect to join the year-  the students, our builders and our community
                                                               assembly    and   long class. Their understanding and technique   through this partnership.”
                                                               finish  work.  Our   are further challenged by learning milling and   “From  my  point  of  view,”  says  Dahl,
                                                               assignments   are   a few joinery techniques,” says Dahl.  “they have been very generous in their support
                                                               geared   toward     Masaud Mohamed, another eighth grader   of our students. Their donation allows us to
                                                               learning by doing,   at South, was responsible for doing the mea-  improve the program through the purchase of
                                                               and  we’ve  intro-  suring of the lumber.           tools and materials for future use.”
                                                               duced   projects    “I took the class because it would help   When the next shed is complete, it will
                                                               that  are  culturally   me  learn  some  life  skills,”  says  Mohamed.   be up for sale to the public.
                                                               transferable.”   “Taking this class helps me see what it is and   Students who exit the program have expe-
                                                                   Transferable   maybe take it in high school.”   rience with machine and tool usage, building
           Tech Ed teacher Tom Dahl with some of his students and their shed
                                                               skills  to  the  “real   Career demand for skilled workers is at   and finishing projects, and completing plans
        St. Cloud Area School District 742                     world” is the main   an all-time high.              from start to finish. Even if a student does not
            Every  year  students  in  Project  Lead   objective. Every student learns how to prop-  “My colleague, Mr. Stadther, and I often   become  a  carpenter  or  cabinet  builder,  the
        the Way  woodworking  classes  at  North  and   erly handle tools, take measurements and plan   hear  from  industry  professionals  about  their   skills they learn develop confidence and prac-
        South Junior High Schools have a chance to   a project. Whether a student ultimately owns   needs,  which  keeps  us  in  tune  for  how  to   tical knowledge for life.
        do  a  major  build  project.  They  work  from   a  home,  attempts  a  do-it-yourself  project  or   design and teach our courses,” shares Dahl.
        start  to  finish  on  a  shed  or  playhouse  using   works in construction, they’ll take these skills   There is something for each student. Stu-
        lumber and tools. The project is possible due   and  confidence  with  them  throughout  their   dents who are nervous about using machinery
        to the generous donation and partnership with   lifetime.               still learn the operations and soon learn that
        Simonson Lumber.                       South  eighth  grader  Mailynn  Vo  took   with  proper  training,  a  build  project  is  very
            “Students  are  introduced  to  safety  and   the class because she was interested in wood-  satisfying.
        machine  use  in  seventh  grade,”  explains   working.  Vo  built  one  of  the  scaled  (3/16)   Michelle  Sininger  from  a  local  lumber

            2024                               Construction and Trades Career Fair

                                                SATURDAY, May 4, 2024 | 10 AM - 1 PM

                                                ERX Motor Park | Elk River

                                               8th-12th grade students and parents are invited to explore the construction trades.

                                                                        • CARPENTERS            • LABORERS             • TRUCK DRIVERS

                                                                        • CONCRETE/MASONRY      • LINEWORKERS          • UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION

                                                                        • DIESEL MECHANICS      • OPERATORS            • UTILITY CONSTRUCTION

                                                                        • ELECTRICIANS          • PIPEFITTERS          • WELDERS

                                                                        • ESTIMATORS            • PROJECT MANAGERS
                          meet the pros                                 • IRON WORKERS          • SHEET METAL WORKERS

                                                                          VISIT WWW.MUCA.ORG FOR MORE INFORMATION
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