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Auto Tech
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                 Raider Auto at Roseville Area Schools

                               New Facilities September 1, 2021

        Ken “Mr. Sops” Sopcinski            speech  would  be  about  4  year  colleges,  not
        Roseville High School               trades schools. This was a real sea change in
            The  automotive  program  at  Roseville   thinking and it was indeed part of the national
        High  School  came  about  the  late  60s.  Like   conversation. Why are we no longer preparing
        many high school automotive programs across   students to enter the trades?
        the country, the facilities, tools, and equipment   That mentality coupled  with a Building
        were also from those years.         Upgrade Bond being passed in Roseville, led
            Up  until  2  years  ago,  the  program  was   us to the facility we have today. The sharehold-
        taught from a 50+ year old facility that was   ers of the community asked for and approved,
        originally a wood shop. It was housed in the   arguably one of the finest high school automo-
        district’s former high school which had been   tive  facilitates  in  the  country.  Many  people   Students in the Know Your Car class learning how to read emissions stickers in order to identify
        converted into the middle school. It was small,   remark that it looks like a dealership. I like to   make, model, year & engine displacement.
        outdated and off campus. None of which was a   reply, “it’s better”.
        great combination.                     Two years ago, we opened an 8 bay, 6400   The knowledge of how to pick one that will be   I have been able to track, we have achieved
            However,  it  was  what  we  had  and  we   hundred square foot automotive repair facility.   reliable and not be a money pit will be of high   a  96%  graduation  rate  from  post-secondary
        made it work.                       This time on- campus and attached to the high   value to them. In addition, students learn basic   school. Thus students get a wonderful enrich-
            Then the community stepped up . . . big   school. The facility is set up very similar to   maintenance, care, insurance, careers and any   ing  experience  in  high  school  that  prepares
        time.                               facilities found in the industry, along with the   current events related to the automotive indus-  them for the next step.
            In 2016 I noticed a unique phenomenon   comparable tools and equipment.  try including the onset of Electric Vehicles.  Want to know more about us? Check out
        happening.  The  US  presidential  candidates   We offer two types of classes within our   In my 25 years of teaching this program,   Raider Auto Shop on Facebook. https://www.
        were, as part of their stump speeches, stating   automotive program.    I have helped place close to 300 students into
        the need for more trades opportunities in our   The first are our Automotive Mechanics   the automotive industry. Many of the dealer-
        high  schools.  Usually,  this  part  of  a  typical   Classes.  Our  curriculum  is  “We  fix  real  car   ships and independent shops in the area have
                                                        with real problems.”    or have had former students on their payrolls.
                                                            Community  members   Many of these students attended post-second-
                                                        contact  us  about  their  vehi-  ary technical school as well. Of the students
                                                        cles  and    if  it’s  a  type  of
                                                        repair  or  maintenance  we
                                                        perform,  we  service  their
                                                        vehicles.  Thus  the  students
                                                        have  an  opportunity  for
                                                        everything  from  developing
                                                        tool use skills (a lost oppor-
                                                        tunity    for  many  of  their
                                                        generation  unfortunately)  to
                                                        knowing/discovering  if  the
                                                        automotive field is a good fit
                                                        for their future.
                                                            We  also  offer  a  class
                                                        called Know Your Car.
                                                            This  class  is  popular
                                                        with  students  who  wish  to
        “You deserve a break today” is an old McDonald’s jingle. This   learn how to buy a car. Espe-
        2005 Toyota deserves a brake today too. New ones. That is   cially  a  good  used  car.  The
        exactly the kind of work the students perform at Raider Auto.   reality  is  their  first  car  will
        Need your auto serviced ? Let’s see if we can help you. Email           Four of the Six technicians in this picture started in Raider auto shop classes. Roseville alumni                           be  old,  with  high  mileage.   getting it done!
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