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                     Students Gain Valuable Experience Building Habitat Homes

                                                                                Executive Director Sondra Herman. “For us,
                                                                                it’s  wonderful  to  have  that  volunteer  labor,
                                                                                because that’s how we operate. That’s how we
                                                                                make homes affordable.” KEYC
                                                                                   Habitat is committed to continue to offer
                                                                                families in St Peter the option to attain hom-
                                                                                eownership affordably. Families with access to
                                                                                affordable homeownership offers them a hand
                                                                                up  not  a  handout  creating  improved  safety,
                                                                                child education attainment, and build genera-
                                                                                tional  wealth.  The  St  Peter  Building  Trades
                                                                                teacher  and  students  are  a  vital  part  of  this
                                                                                mission.  Generous  financial  partners  includ-
                                                                                ing  the  Carl  and  Verna  Schmidt  Foundation
                                                                                continue  to  consistently  support  affordable
                                                                                housing  in  St  Peter  and  the  Building Trades   new owners are able to close on the property,
                                                                                class through this collaboration.  according  to  Juliann  Wiersma,  Habitat  for
                                                                                                                   Humanity  South  Central  Minnesota’s  Com-
            Last  fall,  ground  was  broken  for  the   offers  12–18  students  a  rigorous  and  rel-  Habitat For Humanity Open House   munications & Development Manager.
                                                                                                                       About Habitat: Driven by the vision that
        new  home  being  constructed  by  Habitat  for   evant  hands-on  learning  curriculum  which   Habitat for Humanity South Central Min-  everyone needs a decent place to live, Habitat
        Humanity  and  the  St  Peter  High  School’s   helps  meet  the  community  need  for  afford-  nesota  hosted  an  open  house  in  November   for Humanity South Central Minnesota has built
        Building  Trades  Program.  This  partnership   able  housing.  Habitat  provides  the  building   showcasing Saint Peter High School’s Build-  145 homes and 630 individuals in Blue Earth,
        has been building homes to meet the commu-  materials and students build the home under   ing  Trades  class’s  two  most  recent  project   Sibley,  Watonwan,  Le  Sueur,  and  Nicollet
        nity need for affordable housing for 25 years.   the guidance of their teacher while they learn   homes in the Traverse Green subdivision.  counties. Through shelter, we empower. Inter-
        The  collaboration  between  Habitat  and  the   essential skills preparing them for occupations   Several  members  of  Scott  Robinson’s   ested in donating or volunteering to support the
        Building Trades class allows for high school-  in the building trades.  current Building Trades class were on hand at   Mankato build? Visit
        ers to get hands on building experience and an   “Whether  or  not  it  is  something  that   the start of the open house doing work on the
        opportunity to participate on a project that has   they’re interested in it as a career or it’s just a   newest  home  located  at  2110  Nelson  Street.
        a lifelong impact on a Habitat family and the   way of learning new skills that they can use in   Attendees  could  also  tour  last  year’s  project
        community.                          some way down the road, I think that it’s excit-  home  (2111  Lundon  Street),  which  has  just
            Each  year,  the  Building  Trades  class   ing that they’re excited about it,” said Habitat   a  few  minor  details  to  finish  up  before  the

                The 916 Project—A Great Sign

                                                                                   The students that cycle through the home
                                                                                throughout  the  day  hail  from  14  different
                                                                                school districts. Seventy percent of them have
                                                                                specialized IEPs.  Of the 54 students, 15 have
                                                                                identified  electrical  as  their  trade  of  choice.
                                                                                Many have secured spots in electrical techni-
                                                                                cal school programs.
                                                                                   The  916  Construction  program  could
                                                                                easily double to meet the needs of interested
                                                                                students;  however,  staff  and  one  house  site
                                                                                limit  it  to  its  current  levels.  The  home  will
                                                                                be sold this summer, and 916 will start a new
                                                                                property next fall.
                                                                                   If  your  community  has  a  similar  con-
                                                                                struction  program,  please  let  me  know.  The
                                                                                Electrical Association  understands  the  work-
                                                                                force shortages within the electrical industry
                                                                                and  the  Association  looks  to  provide  addi-
                                                                                tional support to these programs to help deliver
                                                                                members a skilled workforce.
                                                                                   The students are well on their way to suc-
            In  March,  Jay  Lewis,  Lewis  Electri-  lot that the home sits on every year. This year’s   cessfully building a home!
        cal  Contracting  &  Consulting  Services  Inc.,   home sits on a lot of a former blighted prop-  This is a great sign of what’s coming up
        mentored  multiple  youth  in  the  Independent   erty that bothered neighbors to the extent that   the job pipeline!
        School District 916’s Construction program.  legislators were called about it and a squad car   Article courtesy of Project Build MN
            Every year students in this program build   often monitored it. The problem property was
        a home from foundation to roof. This program   torn down and a new 2500-square-foot home
        is very much a community effort and the result   is being built in its place. This is the small-
        is a home that is sold on the open market.  est home 916 has constructed, but the home
            The City of North St. Paul provides the   needed to be scaled to fit the lot.
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