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                    Brooklyn Center Students Begin Establishing a Career Path Through the Trades

                                                                                dents and overcame the transportation barrier   We also go on field trips to see plant operations
                                                                                for our students to attend training from 8-10   and network at their facilities.”
                                                                                a.m.  daily  to  explore  tasks  in  the  finishing   Seniors Alphonso Kayee and Jaden Love
                                                                                trades such as painting, glazing, dry walling,   both decided to join the program when they
                                                                                framing  and  some  metal  work,”  said  Julie   learned  of  the  financial  opportunities  within
                                                                                Gloege, BCCS teacher. “The pilot class was so   the  trades  that  don’t  require  the  expense  of
                                                                                successful that Finishing Trades invited us to   college. “That interested me because college
                                                                                partner with them and can have 10-12 students   takes a lot of money,” said Kayee.
                                                                                participate each semester this year.”  Senior Jezarius Sheldon added that it pro-
                                                                                   Students have an option of attending from   vides an opportunity to learn something new,
                                                                                8-10 a.m. or 12-2 p.m. at the Finishing Trades   and a different career path, while giving stu-
                                                                                Institute  of  the  Upper  Midwest  (FTIUM)   dents credits toward high school graduation.
                                                                                in  Little  Canada.  The  program  runs  for  one   Current Finishing Trades students all had
                                                                                semester  and  students  can  earn  2  credits  for   positive  encouragement  to  offer  their  peers
                                                                                successfully  completing  the  program  and   who might be interested in joining the Finish-
                                                                                network with companies hiring in the trades.  ing Trades Program.
                                                                                   At  the  FTIUM  facility,  students  work   “If you’re thinking of taking this program,
                                                                                with  apprentices  and  instructors  who  are   I highly encourage it,” said Meya Xiong, BCS
                                                                                leading professionals in their fields. Students   senior. “Even if you don’t go into the trades,
                                                                                work on many of the same projects and activi-  you  can  still  use  what  you’ve  learned.  The
                                                                                ties as the apprentices. They learn to operate   instructor  makes  math  fun,  too,  because  it’s
          Brooklyn Center Community Schools  is with the Finishing Trades Institute. Through   trade tools and machinery such as scissor lifts,   not the type of math where you do algebra or
            Through  the  Finishing  Trades  Program,   the Finishing Trades Program, BC high school   forklifts,  aerial  lifts,  and  swing  stages;  and   calculus, it’s more hands-on. You also won’t
        BC high school students gain hands-on expe-  students  gain  hands-on  experience  with  the   learn  sandblasting  and  professional  painting   be in the classroom most of the time. You’ll be
        rience  with  the  trades  and  get  a  peek  into  a   trades  and  get  a  peek  into  a  post-graduation   techniques.  on the shop floor where you’ll be working on
        post-graduation path other than college.  path other than college.         “FTIUM’s  CTE  program  also  has  a   your projects.”
            Brooklyn Center Community Schools is   The  pilot  program  ran  in  the  spring   robust  personal  finance  and  career  readiness   “The program is a great opportunity for a
        proud  to  offer  a  growing  number  of  Career   of  2023  after  BC  staff  toured  the  Finishing   curriculum,”  said  Philip  O’Neill,  licensed   lot of young people who don’t know what they
        and  Technical  Education  (CTE)  partnerships   Trades facility searching for opportunities to   CTE teacher at FTIUM. “We stress the impor-  want to do yet. Once you graduate and if you
        for high schoolers. One of these partnerships   provide  hands-on  learning  in  the  Trades  in   tance of union labor and involvement and have
                                            high  school  classes.  “We  recruited  four  stu-  many industry leaders and politicians visit us.   Continued on Page 12

        Preparing Students For Healthy Construction                               Finishing Trades Institute of the Upper Midwest

        Careers, Mentally and Physically                                          Apprenticeship. College.

            Construction  workers                         at  Work  aimed  at  provid-  A lifetime of success.
        can  find  themselves  grap-                      ing  direct  access  to  free
        pling  with  physical  strain,                    mental  health  counseling.
        long  hours,  and  demand-                        The  program  is  called  the   EARN WHILE YOU LEARN YOUR TRADE.
        ing  environments  that  can                      FTIUM Care Team.
        profoundly  impact  their                            The  FTIUM  Care         JOIN A UNION FAMILY WHO HAS YOUR BACK.
        mental health. By integrat-                       Team  provides  students    GET ACCESS TO ON-SITE CAREER
        ing mental health education                       with  access  to  life-saving   AND MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELORS.
        into their academic journey,                      mental  health  services,   BUILD A DEBT-FREE CAREER.
        construction   students                           substance  use  counseling,
        acquire  coping  skills  and                      health  consultation  and
        support  networks.  This                          other  critical  resources.   FTIUM IS A NEW MODEL FOR
        transformative  knowledge                         The Care Team consists of   HIGHER EDUCATION OFFERING
        empowers  workers  to  not  only  take  care  of   four licensed, multilingual clinicians who are
        their  own  mental  wellbeing,  but  also  shifts   available for all students, staff and members of   FREE TRAINING IN TRADES:
        construction culture in a positive direction.  IUPAT DC 82 to schedule a private appoint-         Commercial Painter
            “Our main goal has always been to help   ment on-site at the training center.
        our members succeed. We’ve seen that profes-  “What makes FTIUM and DC 82 differ-         Coating Application Specialist
        sional success isn’t only about showing up to   ent is that we create spaces for students to be
        work, learning skills, and getting paid,” said   their whole selves,” said FTIUM’s Director of          Drywall Finisher
        Jeff Stark, Business Manager/Secretary-Trea-  Academic  Education,  John  Burcaw.  “Many          Glazier
        sure of IUPAT District Council 82. “It’s about   workers are starting to wake up to our indus-
        building a culture of support and wellness that   try’s  historical  toxic  masculinity  and  how  it          Glassworker
        helps members and their families in the long   hurts them and their peers. They’re beginning          Sign Technician
        term.”                              to recognize the immense strength that comes
            This  year,  we  at  the  Finishing  Trades   with talking about your struggles. We’re proud
        Institute  of  the  Upper  Midwest  (FTIUM)  at   to be part of this important shift in the con-
        IUPAT District Council 82 (DC 82) have pio-  struction industry.”         Learn more at
        neered a new program with TEAM Wellness
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