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                    Jordan’s Building Trades Course

                                                                                for nine educational courses. Students taking
                                                                                this course may look ahead to education and
                                                                                careers  as  contractors,  plumbers,  carpenters,
                                                                                electricians,  masons,  project  managers,  and
                                                                                   The Building Trades course has partnered
                                                                                to create projects for both school and commu-
                                                                                nity use.
                                                                                   For  example,  students  have  built  a
                                                                                storage shed for soccer equipment and re-shin-
                                                                                gled, while adding new fascia, to the baseball
                                                                                   This  semester,  students  will  be  putting
                                                                                together two camper cabins for Cedar Lake
                                                                                   Farms  (part  of  the  Three  Rivers  Parks
                                                                                District).  The  Three  Rivers  Park  District  is
                                                                                providing  the  materials,  and  Jordan  students
                                                                                will be putting the cabins together to include
                                                                                the 14' × 24' structure, bunk beds, and dining
                                                                                   A  local  lumber  yard  has  donated  the
        Jordan Public Schools               ing  experience.  The  Building  Trades  course   materials  for  the  camper  cabins  and  other
            The Building Trades course, started in the   can be taken after applying to join the course.  structures, such as yard sheds or chicken coop,
        2021-2022 school year, is a part of our Summit   Students taking the building trades course   and upon completion, the lumber yard sells the
        Academy program at Jordan High School. The   gain experience in every aspect of  construc-  structures within the community.  nity  to  learn  about  the  trades  in  a  hands-on
        Summit  Academy  is  an  experiential  career   tion  including  surveying,  concrete,  rough   Students learn and create in a workshop   environment.  This  is  the  type  of  real-world
        studies  program  aimed  at  highly  motivated   carpentry,  plumbing,  electrical,  insulation,   space at Jordan Public Schools. For larger proj-  learning that we strive to offer our students,”
        juniors  and  seniors  looking  to  expand  their   sheetrock,  roofing,  finishing/trim,  and  paint-  ects, such as the camper cabins and sheds, the   Jeff Vizenor, Jordan High School Principal.
        educational  experience  and  develop  in  the   ing.  Students  also  earn  the  10-hour  OSHA   students utilize a paved area located directly   “Any time school life can connect to the
        professional world working side-by-side with   certification as well as potential college credit   adjacent to the workshop space.  students’ personal passions and future plans an
        experienced  professionals  in  authentic  learn-  through articulation agreements with partners   Any  projects  that  offer  students  work   entire  new  learning  experience  unfolds.  The
                                                                                in  various  trades  through  the  entire  building   authentic experiences gained through courses
                                                                                process  are  ideal.  In  these  types  of  projects,   like  Building  Trades  are  a  central  and  fun-
                                                                                students  are  able  to  connect  with  different   damental  piece  of  student  growth. Allowing
                                                                                pieces of project management, and it’s great   students  to  flourish  and  develop  in  a  class-
                                                                                to see them engage in differing aspects of the   room that mirrors their own personal interests
                                                                                building process that they really enjoy.  is exactly where education needs to continue
                                                                                   “A lot of students are able to apply what   growing,” Erin Hjelmeland, Director of Teach-
                                                                                they  have  done  elsewhere,  but  it  may  make   ing and Learning for Jordan Public Schools.
                                                                                more sense here. They can apply what they’ve
                                                                                learned in Math classes, or other courses and
                                                                                get  a  taste  of  the  trades,”  Steve  McClellan,
                                                                                Building Trades Teacher.    
                                                                                   “We are very proud of our Building and
                                                                                Trades course. It gives students the opportu-
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