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        Page 2                                                                                                 Electronic Edition:

                           TEACHING BASIC ELECTRONICS

                                       FOR AUTOMOTIVE                                            • Available as a classroom kit
                                                                                                 • Student project manual

                                                                                                     provides learning
                        We have the solution for helping today’s  students                           assignments for circuit
                        master basic electricity and Ohm’s Law.                                      construction and


                        The CL-1919-05 Ohm’s Law and DC Circuits trainer is                      • Built in DMM (Digital
                        the industry’s best trainer for today’s hands-on                             Multi-Meter) for electrical
                                                                                                     measurements and diagnosis
                        learners.                                                                • Can be used to assist the

                                                                                                     instruction of operational
                                                                                                     theory of electrical/electronic
                                                                                                     circuits and components

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