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                                                                                                                          Summer 2023
                                                 MINNESOTA’S K–12 EDUCATION CONNECTIONTODAY                                     MN                ™

        Four Minnesota Educators Chosen                                                       Moorhead Students Use

        as Finalists for Prestigious STEM                                                     Their Skills to Impact Others

        Awards — Congratulations!                                               Moorhead Area Public
            The Minnesota Department of Education   instruction  to  skill-        Last   fall,   Moor-
        (MDE)  has  announced  that  four  Minnesota   based  engagement,       head  High  School  teacher
        teachers have been selected as 2023 f nalists   where   teacher         Chantz Rud, partnered with
        for  the  Presidential  Awards  for  Excellence   instruction   takes   Fix  it  Forward,  a  commu-
        in  Mathematics  and  Science  Teaching   a  step  back,  and           nity  non-prof t  to  give  his
        (PAEMST).                           student-led  learn-                 students  an  opportunity  to
            PAEMST  is  the  nation’s  highest  honor   ing   becomes   a       use  their  skills  to  impact
        for U.S. K–12 science, technology, engineer-  more   signif cant        others. Fix it Forward pro-
        ing,  mathematics  and/or  computer  science   part of the learning     vides  donated  cars  to  the
        teachers.  The  award  is  administered  by  the   process.  Practicing   program  for  learning  and
        National Science Foundation on behalf of the   a f ipped classroom   Lainey Bristow  repairing.
        White House Off ce of Science and Technol-  model  has  allowed            The result is a win for
        ogy Policy.                         Lainey’s students to focus class time on vital   students,  a  win  for  Fix  it
            The four f nalists are:         skills development.                 Forward, a win for an indi-
          •  Lainey  Bristow,  Hiawatha  Collegiate   Lainey is a fellow in the Hollyhock Fel-  vidual  or  family  in  need
            High  School,  Minneapolis.  Science   lowship  Program  2022–2024,  a  professional   and a win for the commu-  Classes offered include:
            Finalist                        development  program  that  provides  instruc-  nity as a whole.         •  Automotive  Technology  (9–12  Intro
                                                                                   Chantz leads the Automotive Program at
          •  Jill  Jensen,  Scott  Highlands  Middle   tional  training  and  support  to  high  school   Moorhead High School.  Class)
            School, Apple Valley. Science Finalist   teachers  from  across  the  country  who  are   In  2021,  the  Moorhead  School  District   •  Brakes Steering and Suspension (10–12
          •  Dr.  Beth  Robelia,  St.  Paul  Public   interested in deepening and developing their   opened  the  Moorhead  High  School  Career   Advanced Class)
                                            content-specif c  instructional  practices  and
            Schools  Online  High  School,  St  Paul.   creating equitable access and opportunities for   Academy.  The  Academy  is  changing  the
            Science                         all learners in their classrooms.   way  students  approach  high  school.  Based   •  Maintenance  and  Light  Repair  (11–12
                                                                                                                       Advanced Class)
          •  Alexis Wolf, John Glenn Middle School   “In  my  work  with  high  schoolers,  I   on  industry  and  professional  standards,  the
            in Maplewood. Mathematics Finalist   remind my students that they are doing their   program  offers  unparalleled  experiential   •  Electrical  and  Engine  Performance  (12
                                                                                                                       Advanced Class)
        Teaching At Its Best                best and that they are enough. I always try to   learning about careers and self.  Students in these classes are assessed as
                                                                                   With 9 bays, state-of-the-art technology,
                                            remind myself of that as well.
            Lainey Bristow is in her 2nd year teach-  At the same time, we can still hold our-  and  an  incredible  learning  environment,  the   soon as they enter the room. They are graded
        ing A.P. Biology at Hiawatha Collegiate High   selves to a high standard, and be proud of our   Autos Lab can be found within, humming with   on attendance, just like they would be on the
        School in Minneapolis.              work and enjoy it very much.”       activity.                          job.
            Lainey  sits  as  the  department  head  and                           Each of the 9 work bays has a complete   Students  are  extremely  prof cient  with
        teaches  two  sections  of  A.P.  Biology  class/       — Lainey Bristow  toolbox with the standard set of hand tools you   our  tire  changing  machine,  road  force  tire
        discussion, in addition to 4 lab sections with                          would need to complete the majority of tasks.   balancer, and on-car and off-car brake lathes.
        instructional  time  solely  focused  on  experi-                       They have a large assortment of specialty tools   Once the service is complete each vehicle typ-
        mentation and building transferable skills. She  to  complete  more  complex  work,  including   ically needs an alignment, which is completed
        also enjoys coaching the high school varsity                            state-of-the-art scan-tools.       by the students as well.
        soccer team at the high school!
            Her  pedagogy  is  centered  on  shifting    Continued on Page 8                                                    Continued on Page 22

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