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                                                                                                                Fall 2022, Volume 1
                                                 MINNESOTA’S K–12 EDUCATION CONNECTIONTODAY                                     MN                ™

        2022 Youth Skills Training                                                          Tiffany Kobbermann is MAITC’s

        Grant Recipients                                                                    2022 Outstanding Teacher

                                                                                   Tiffany Kobbermann, a Family and Con-
                                                                                sumer  Science  teacher  at  Minnewaska  Public
                                                                                Schools  in  Glenwood,  MN  has  received  the
                                                                                Minnesota  Agriculture  in  the  Classroom
                                                                                (MAITC)  2022  Outstanding  Teacher  Award.
                                                                                Tiffany  uses  agriculture  in  every  lesson  with
                                                                                her students to provide a well-rounded perspec-
                                                                                tive of agriculture and their local community.
            Eleven  partnerships  across  Minnesota                                She was recognized at the National Agri-
        will receive funding to develop and implement                           culture in the Classroom National Conference
        programs to offer meaningful career exposure   which  will  receive  and  split  $1  million  in   in Saratoga Springs, NY in June 2022.
        and  paid  work  experience  for  students  16   funding.  The  partnerships  will  offer  safe,   Tiffany lives on a ranch in rural Hancock,
        years of age and older.             meaningful  work  experience  in  advanced   MN  with  her  husband  Dan  and  7  children.
            The  grants  are  part  of  a  Minnesota   manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, health   They raise beef cattle, corn and soybeans on
        Department  of  Labor  and  Industry’s  (DLI’s)   care and information technology.  their 2,500 acre farm.  The family is actively
        Youth Skills Training program that was signed   •  Bemidji Career Academies  involved in Swift County 4-H and the 4 oldest
        into  law  in  2017  with  bipartisan  support  to                      kids  participate  in  FFA.  She  is  in  her  2nd   The  FCS  and  AG  department  at  Min-
        create  and  provide  employment  training  for   •  Chisago Lakes High School  year teaching Family and Consumer Science   newaska Schools has partnered up with Pope
        student  learners  ages  16  and  older  in  high-  •  East Grand Forks High School  at  Minnewaska  High  School  and  formerly   County  Farm  Bureau  to  offer  a  CTE  based
        growth, high-demand occupations.      •  Forest Lake Area High School   taught at Benson Schools. She teaches Global   career day to students in grades 7-8-9. The goal
                                              •  Genesys Works Twin Cities      Foods, Exploratory FCS 7 & 8, Culinary &   of the partnership is to expose students to as
                                              •  Grand Rapids Area Chamber of    Foods classes, Interior Design, Independent &   many careers as possible within the 3-county
                                                                                                                   area  showing  students  that  there  are  great
                                                Commerce                        Teen Living.                       jobs  available  right  where  they  live.  Having
                                                                                   Tiffany  is  a  very  active  member  with
                                              •  Mankato Area Public Schools    Pope  County  Farm  Bureau  and  currently   14  inhouse  speakers,  student  rotate  halfway
                                              •  Milaca High School             resides as the county president. Pope County   through the day and also have the experience
                                              •  Otter Tail County              is well known for their active members engag-  of touring 3 businesses within the community.
                                              •  Roseville Area High School     ing  in  school  activities,  helping  to  host  the   This has been a very positive partnership that
                                              •  Spark-Y Youth Action Labs      high school Ag Career Day, and also putting   has  been  embraced  and  readily  welcomed.
                                               Grants  can  be  used  to  create  programs,   on the Pope County Breakfast on the Farm,   With  recent  workforce  shortages,  the  school
                                            recruit students and employers, provide train-  which serves 2,7000 meals and hosts educa-  received  fantastic  feedback  from  local  busi-
                                            ing,  transport  students  and  pay  for  student   tional activities annually. Along with county   nesses  thanking  these  2  teachers  for  sharing
                                            certifications.  Thirty-two  local  partnerships   activity, she is also a member of the Minne-  opportunities  to  the  students.  Minnewaska
            “Working  with  these  partners  gives  us   throughout the state applied for this fifth round   sota Farm Bureau Federation Promotion and   school  also  offers  Co-op  Placement  and
        the opportunity to support workforce develop-  of grants; a sixth round of grant applications   Education Committee. As part of this commit-  Apprentice Experiences as class opportunities
        ment in a unique and specific way that meets   will open in winter 2022.  tee, she helps to host agricultural events, Ag   to gain employment skills as a Senior.
        the  community  and  employers’  needs,”  said   For more information about Youth Skills   in the Classroom activities, hosts online edu-  The Minnewaska CTE Career and Tech-
        Roslyn Robertson, DLI commissioner.  Training,  contact  Rich  Wessels,  program   cational  opportunities  and  helps  to  promote   nical  Education  department  has  collaborated
            Youth  Skills  Training  grants  will  be   manager,  at  651-284-5184  or  rich.wessels@  positive  mental  health  to  farm  families  all   to build and design a greenhouse in the near
        awarded  to  the  following  11  partnerships,           over the state.                                 Continued on Page 28

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